Saturday, November 4, 2017

As rivers dry up, depriving us of water supply,
As sea levels rise, submerging the coastal towns,
As the temperature rises, melting the polar ice,
As the ozone layer depletes, exposing us to harmful rays,
As natural disasters invade the world,

We stand on the sidelines, apathetic to the problem,
Unmoved by the possibility of extinction,
Lost in a bubble of contrived grievances,
Unabashedly waging petty battles, 
Wagering the survival of the human race.

Burdening a few experts with the mission to save the world,
We continue to build toys to keep us sealed in our imaginary universe. 

Sunday, January 22, 2017

A call for action

Logic is overridden by emotion,
Truth is overshadowed by opinions,
Shades are obliterated in favor of black and white,
Tolerance fades and becomes a virtue of the past,
Ego decimates empathy,
The spotlight is on negativity,

As we wallow in self pity,
Time flies by indifferent to the melancholy spirit,
This is a call for action,
Break down the situation into smaller problems,
Tap into the sea of thinkers and engage them in a dialogue,
Innovate and tackle the issues head on,
Reinstate a world driven by truth,
Reignite the faith that we make our own destiny!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Through the window,
I watch the lush green grass,
and imagine the freshness it exudes,
I watch the falling raindrops,
and imagine the joy of dancing in the rain,
I watch the towering mountains.
and imagine scaling them.
I watch the shaking trees,
and imagine the gentle breeze brushing against me.

Imagination is a wonderful tool,
romanticizing the banal,
embellishing the threadbare,
coloring the plain,
Garnishing the prosaic,
Using perception as a foundation,
But augmenting the picture so significantly,
that it barely resembles reality.


Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Driven by conviction, 
Powered by perseverance,
Invigorated by a deep seated belief,
Nudged by society,
I burnt every consumed calorie,
To stay on the treadmill,
Ignoring the gaping problems in the world,
Avoiding the daunting introspection,
Totally disconnected,
I dwelt in a bubble of blissful ignorance.

The giddy excitement,
The illusion of accomplishment,
Shattered when I paused,
I realized I hadn't moved an inch!
Valuable energy expended,
But no evidence of progress.

I forced myself off the treadmill,
Wondering if all the effort was in vain,
Questioning the basis of my judgement,
Evaluating the credibility of my assumptions,
Dissecting the value of the pursuit,

It dawned on me finally
This was the rehearsal,
Before the performance,
The instruction,
Before the assessment,
After all, nobody runs a marathon without training.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

The essence of youth as I perceive it,

Brimming with idealism,
Overwhelmed by the spirit to improve the world,
Undeterred by the consequence of rebellion,
Oblivious to popular opinion,
Searching for new solutions to old problems,
Questioning existing biases,
Unwilling to compromise

To curb this enthusiasm,
discourage healthy debate,
break the free sprit,
Imprison new ideas,
Brand non conformity as a crime,
Is the greatest disservice to mankind,
And the strongest gesture of anti-nationalism!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

With confidence not dented by apprehension,
With passion not touched by skepticism,
With conviction not diluted by distractions,
With creativity not influenced by knowledge,
With excitement not dampened by experience,
With curiosity unblemished by incentives,
The kids toiled away to build their own,
Limited only by their imagination.

I watched awestruck and jealous,
Realizing the cost of growing up,
Trying hard to reverse the effect,
to adopt an uncolored view,
to shun the prejudices, 
to shed the cynicism,
to ignore expectations,
to avoid following a set path,
And carve my own.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Out of the shadows

Abandoned my shackles, 
emerged from my cocoon,
Broke the self inflicted rules,
Let down my guard, lowered my fences,
Shed the paranoia, embraced optimism,

To make myself more vulnerable,
Unsheathed from the potential enemy,
Unprotected from the impending peril,
Unprepared for the hidden surprises,

But also,
To give myself a chance 
To live the adventure,
To experience the adrenaline rush,
To conquer the realm of unknown,
To succumb to spontaneity,
And rediscover myself.